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Future-oriented accountancy firms count on OneBizz

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Take your customers into the world of predictive analysis and embrace the future of data-driven entrepreneurship.

Welcome to your future of data-driven accountancy

Are you also noticing that your customers are basing their decisions less and less on information from the past? That they want to be able to perform predictive analyses and do smarter business? Generate more business by transposing algorithms from the present to the future?


You can help them by entering the new world of Accountancy with your integrated business solution. This will captivate your customers, and get them committed to you for years to come. With OneBizz you have access to accountancy 3.0 components to positively surprise your customers and to get them committed to you for years to come.



More Productive


More turnover


Real-time info

The advantages for your firm

Working with OneBizz offers you and your colleagues many advantages. You will once again be hip, distinctive and innovative to your customers because you:

  • have more relevant contact with your customers
  • can respond much earlier and better with advice and this advice has visibly more value for your customers
  • can automate a lot of work
  • can apply smarter resource planning and division of work
  • will have less work in progress, resulting in less time pressure will be able to apply smart invoicing

    The advantages for your customer

    Your customers have ever-increasing demands regarding their information and want to be able to respond proactively to current information. Your services with OneBizz ensure that your customers:

    • Have access to relevant control information anytime and anywhere
    • Identify opportunities and challenges before they occur
    • Are agile and are able to anticipate immediately
    • Have more focus on business processes and less on bookkeeping
    • Have much more valuable contact with their accountant
    • Work from a single unified business solution with a great user experience

      Why your customers become ambassadors

      Your customers will talk about your services and recommend you to others. Why? Because you deliver exceptional value in time-consuming processes. This way, your customers have access to:

      • Advanced text recognition, which allows paper documents to be digitised and archived in the right place in no time
      • Productivity-enhancing workflows with smart authorisation
      • automated messaging and process processing which takes place in the background
      • advanced automatic proposals and application of bank
      • Workflows, Business intelligence, Machine learning, intelligent forecasting and in-depth management steering information.
      • and much more…



          Be inspired

          We like to share our vision when it comes to Robotisation, Artificial Intelligence, business software in relation to accountancy. More than 5000 accountants worldwide now work with OneBizz. This is the moment to get on board!

          Five steps to the accountancy of the future

          We help you to transform your organisation into an innovative, distinctive and valuable accountancy firm in five steps.

          • Drawing up the business case
          • Pilot with first customers
          • Evaluation and Go/No-Go
          • Setting up service organisation
          • Operationalisation and optimisation

          Contact us now for an inspiring workout

          What our clients say about OneBizz

          A kickback from digitalisation is that you need more emotional intelligence. You can’t sit behind reams of books and not engage with clients. Unfortunately, those firms that ignore this will find it more and more difficult to compete.”

          “We now go to the customer at least four times a year with the figures of the last quarter and discuss them. And when we make those figures we do a bit of the work that we would normally do at the end of the year, so at the end of the year, we are doing not very much anymore. So, the total proposition for the customer will be more or less the same amount of money he was paying us before.”

          I want to have more face-to-face time and add more value. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve spoken to people and they say I’m paying £150 or £250 a month for an accountant, and they do nothing. That’s the experience a lot of people have and it’s a shame”

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          OneBizz | Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central


          OneBizz is built on the leading Dynamics 365 Business Central platform of Microsoft. This ensures that your environment is forward-looking and that it fits in perfectly with the workplaces that you undoubtedly already have in use. In addition to Dynamics 365 Business Central, we have added specific functions that give your office everything it needs to advise and guide your customers better than ever before. And to offer them a workplace environment that is more productive, efficient and complete than before.



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          Future-oriented accountancy firms count on OneBizz